Widen Your World

Widen Your World



You might have spent months figuring out how to save up some money and travel for 

if........then keep reading!

FREEDOM is your answer.

How to obtain more freedom so that you have more time, money and mobility?

Unlike generalist life and business coaches, Cross-Border Coaching is the world's 1st global development-focused approach.

It takes into account the effect that traveling, living overseas and being in contact with multiple cultures impact one's life.

Making it relevant to 

Everyone wants the money and freedom to do what they wish, but not many know how to achieve it.

Credentials - Who is Eduardo? Why listen to you?

Mentor, TEDx Speaker and Entrepreneur.

After experiencing working in multiple environments such as Mexico, Japan and China,

assisting many small businesses from Mexico, China, Georgia.

Helped refugees transition and integrate to third countries through language & transcultural teachings.

Struggling to find purpose despite...Eduardo quit his 9 to 5 job only couple of months after to pursue his passion of helping others live a better quality of lifestyle by fighting traditional wisdom.


Features & Benefits

Encounter multiple cultural perspectives

Discover opportunities beyond your country.

Expand your reality & knowledge of the world

Acquire global competencies in the new economy

Foster transcultural and transnational growth

Upgrade from traveling to perpetual mobility

Obtain guidance for your own global life plan

Train your mindset for international success.

1. Identify limiting beliefs

2. Break patterns and reestablish new 

3. Reinforce and execute action plan




° Coachable

° Ambitious

° Proactive

Mariani Maswardi, Talent Acquisition Consultant

Eduardo impacts the lives of people around him in a positive way.


He awakened the potential I had and encouraged me to pursue my dreams which I thought were not possible.


He provided me with the right tools that acted as a stepping stone in order to achieve my goals.


• Graduates

• Newbie Entrepreneurs


Zuo Lan, English School Business Owner

Eduardo has a very warm heart, a pair of very hardworking hands, two very busy legs and a very free soul.


He has a lot of excellent qualities, he pays attention to the details of life, and his good education is reflected in his words and deeds.


His hard work has deeply impacted me and my family. In short, there are too many aspects worth learning from him.

Looking for:

° Take control of their life

° Enhance results

° Maximize freedom

• Location-independence

• Starting an Online Business

• See the World


Be aware that Eduardo's path is not conventional. His results are not common and it does not guarantee that you'll achieve your goals under any circumstances. We believe in hard work and perseverance. A program as such is strictly for driven and hardworking people who are willing to make things happen. If you can't embrace hardship, leave this page now. This is certainly not for you. However, if you are a serious player and have full conviction of taking your life to the next level, apply now. We'll be happy to work with you. Remember, great change is one step away. See you on the other side.

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