Though Eduardo grew up in Mexico, he began embracing a transnational lifestyle by age 17, when he first attended a high-school exchange program to Japan.


A year later, he joined a full-time entrepreneurship coaching program where he focused on working while developing skills and creating a long term life plan before university.

Pursuing his goals, he later managed to study a whole degree throughout 3 countries (Malaysia, United Kingdom and China), while being in contact with these cultures.


Merely focused on personal development, his approach and speed of integration in each country eventually became expertise, providing him with social, spiritual and professional advantages within his surroundings.


By age 25, he had already visited over 40 countries and learned several languages to different levels. Between them; Spanish, English, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Urdu, Russian, Mandarin and Turkish.


Whilst Eduardo has managed to enjoy the perks of global power and freedom through his methodology, it did not come at an easy price. 

Having faced mindset limitations, social pressure and lack of resources himself, he understands what it takes to get going and overcome these challenges.

It is through his determined stubbornness that he once came to experience a sudden refugee situation after his passport got stolen while living in an abandoned caravan.

5 years later, he decided to head back to the place of the event (Tbilisi, Georgia) to re-connect with the feeling as a means of motivation and drive to inspire others to follow the Global Citizen's way.

With an unconventional background, life experience and strategic knowledge, Eduardo guides ambitious individuals to help them maximize their life freedom and power at a global scale.

He will make you question things you never knew about, and show you possibilities you never thought were real. You'll acquire the necessary skills, get clarity, and discover certainty in a future only you can create. So whether you want to travel, live somewhere new, or simply take the leap to widening your world beyond national borders, Eduardo can help you make it a reality.

If you're ready to explore the potential within yourself and live a lifestyle of much more freedom, apply to work together today. But keep in mind this is not a service, it's a movement.

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